Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

NBea BLE Beacons , preconfigured, will be deployed in strategic locations to engage you’re your target group. The proximity beacon range will be pre- calibrated For eg, let’s consider beacon deployments at an Nike store.

The use case is to inform consumers about the best running Shoe. In this case, the beacon range has to be calibrated in a way that the information about the running show is confined to this physical range. A consumer looking at Running -Shirt should receive different information .

Beacon campaigns are as effective as the design of their landing pages. With the NBea campaign content management system you can create quick landing pages in minutes. Pre-designed templates are available or you can create your own. The content management contains structured forms to collect customer opinions e.g. You can also direct to any campaign content in the cloud directly.

After step 1-2 you can now create the campaigns using the NBea content management system and assign your campaign information to the deployed beacons, Your target group starts receiving notifications on their smartphones now when reaching th e dedicated locations. To receive these notifications, the target group needs a beacon-powered app (NBea).

This app could be one of the following -
1. Your brand app (NBea API available)
2. NBea (The app , designed to receive NBea beacon notifications)
The dashboard also allows you to measure and fine-tune your campaigns using the analytics engine.

How does beacon marketing work?

Let’s walk through what happens when a user walks into a beacon zone. Beacons deployed in stores, airports and other business locations continuously transmit Bluetooth Low Energy signals in its range. The beacon range is calibrated as per the use case. It ranges from 10m to 300m. Beacon-powered apps ( NBea) are capable of scanning these Low Energy signals.

Once these apps (Brand App with integrated NBea API , or NBea stand alone) detect the beacon signal, it finds the ID attached to the signal.

The smartphone refers to the cloud server using the ID and fetches the action linked to it. This action could be notifying users about a deal, a feedback form or the business website. This beacon-powered app can be your brand app, or a third-party white label beacon app, such NBea.

What are the Advantages of Beacon marketing with an app?

What sets Bluetooth beacons apart from other proximity marketing technologies is the rich and personalized experience it provides. While most other proximity marketing channels require consumers to take the first step - tap (in case of NFC) or scan (in case of QR Code), Bluetooth beacons push campaigns to consumers in range. Enhance customer experience with app-driven beacon campaigns The most important point of proximity marketing is to ensure that the end-user finds the campaigns relevant.

Without an app, it all becomes too easy to loose valid consumer data. This can result in bombarding consumers with irrelevant mobile phone messages.

With an app in the picture, the target consumers choose which marketing content they receive. 3 in 5 consumers like to receive targeted ads and location plays a huge role in relevance.

Whether they choose to download a brand app or a third party beacon app to get notified of all the businesses in the vicinity, their experience is bound to be more tailored and rich. Hence 70% of millennials try out new apps every month, downloading the NBEA Beacon app should be expected.